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Scandinavian Music: Old & New- Traditional Scandinavian Musical Instruments:

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Nyckelharpa (below)

Scandinavian Accordian (below)

Hardanger & Swedish Fiddle (below)

Danish Traditional Instruments (below)

Finnish Traditional Instruments (below)

Icelandic Traditional Instruments (below)

Introductory Articles:

Traditional Nordic dance music - Wikipedia

Nordic folk music - WikiZero article


Två Konungabarn - Scandinavian folk music style (new) song on Nyckelharpa by Myrkur, 2017 Youtube

The Hedgehog by Griselda Sanderson on Nyckelharpa (new song) Youtube 2014

Tales of the Boatman: Nyckelharpa - Angels and Ravens Part 1 - Composed, performed, and produced by Chris Rippey

Gammelkäring - Scandinavian folk music style (new) song on Nyckelharpa by Myrkur, 2017 Youtube

The Accordian in Scandinavia:

Accordian History in Norway

Traditional Swedish accordeon music - Emigrantwaltz and Wiggen polka - Youtube uploaded by Odd Arne Halaas 2006

Swedish Polka - Accordion Cover By Mike Shaine משה זוברמן

Skvis Accordion Trio from Norway performs at Nisswa-stämman 2017. (3 Dance-style songs)

Hardanger and Swedish Fiddle:

Basic differences between Hardanger Fiddle and violin - Youtube by Rachel Nesvig 2016

Hökpers Vals - Smörgåsklickarna ( play traditional swedish folk music. This is a very popular waltz from Dalarna comp. by Lars Hökpers, Falun) . Youtube 2018 - recorded in Munich (Germany).

Hardanger fiddle - Wikipedia

What You Should Know About the Hardanger Fiddle - article by Hardanger Fiddle Association of America

Rachel Nesvig playing the Hardanger Fiddle - 2 songs - 2013 Youtube

Ragnhild Hemsing plays the Hardanger fiddle - "Valdresguten" - Halling dance

Hökpers vals & Carica polska - Swedish Fiddle Youtube 2015 - Mia Marin playing "Hökpers vals" and her own composition "Carica polska" on her five string violin

Danish Traditional Instruments:

Folk group Lang Linken - Denmark Small concert on Old instruments - 2012 Youtube

Finnish Traditional Instruments:

Nuku Nuku - Ancient Finnish Lullaby - played by Merja Soria, Finnish Folk Musician, on a 5 string kantele (Finnish Folk Harp)
Per the Youtube 2015: "This is the lullaby I sang to my daughter when she went to sleep and my grandmother used to sing it to me. I recorded this video last Christmas as a gift to my daughter. I wanted her to have something that would connect her to the generations of strong Finnish women that came before us."
"When the first kantele (Finnish Folk Harp) was played for the first time, the sound was so beautiful that all living things started to cry and even the sun and the moon stood still to listen to this beautiful music."

Ida Elina - Evolution of Kantele (Finnish Harp) - 2020 Youtube

5 strings kantele "Itkevä tyttö" 嘆きの少女 - 2017 Youtube

5 strings kantele "Säkkijärven Polkka" - 2017 Youtube

"Kalevala Melody," traditional Finnish folk song played on Psaltery (kantele), Finland, 19th century - Youtube uploaded by Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 2017

Kantele song - "This is my handmade kantele." - Youtube uploaded by Einherjer 2018

3 Finnish Folk Music Instruments (played with a modern slant) - "3 beautiful, separate performances by Sibelius Academy musicians on a harmonium (harmooni), peasant's kantele (talonpoikaiskantele), and a pair of mandolins, respectively."

Icelandic Traditional Instruments:

Stóðum Tvö í Túni" on Langspil - "Ryan Koons of the traditional Celtic and Nordic music ensemble Wherligig performs the traditional Icelandic song "Stóðum tvö í túni" on the langspil, a type of zither from Iceland. Langspil built by Ken Koons." Youtube 2013

Two Icelandic lullabies on the langspil - Ian Summers "This langspil is (very loosely) based on an unusual instrument with a two-part body which I saw in the National Museum of Iceland, Reykjavik. This version has overall length 90 cm, with a hollow fingerboard and wire "staple" frets... I am sounding the strings by hitting them with a stick. The two lullabies are "Sofðu unga ástin mín" and "Bíum bíum bambaló". Youtube 2014

Langspil.& icelandic fidla - Langspil.& icelandic fidla played by Jón Sig & Rakel Br.
Note: Compare these instruments to the Norwegian Viking Tagelharpa" played by Einar Selvig. (See on our Viking and Pre-Viking Culture page.)

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Scandinavian Folk Dancing & Folk Costumes Videos:

Skansens folkdanslag -- Västgötapolska Swedish Folkdancing 2010

Norwegian Folk Dance - Youtube of students in Oslo, Norway, 2012

Norwegian Folk Dance - Youtube from Heritage Center, Norway, 2017

Icelandic Folk Dancing A short lesson in icelandic folk dancing, at Folk Festival in Siglufjörður 2011 - Youtube with Gorgeous mountain background!

Skansens Folkdanslag -- Vingåkersdansen Swedish Folkdancing 2011

Valdresspringar and Hardanger Fiddle Valdres Samband - music featuring Hardanger Fiddle

Norway Folk Dance - Norway has an unbroken folk music and dance tradition, since folk music has been passed along continuously from generation to generation. Youtube, 2008

Norwegian Wedding Dance - Youtube, Heritage Center, Norway, 2014

Finnish Folk Dances - Youtube 2008

Norwegian Folk Dance - Youtube 2017 with accompanist playing a Nyckelharpa from the Norwegian Folk Museum (Norsk Folkemuseum) in Oslo, Norway. The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History is an "open air museum" in Oslo.

Icelandic Folk Dancing - Dancing the "Loom Weave" - 2013 Youtube

Norwegian Folk Dancers -. Youtube 2017 from Stoughton WI

Traditional Norwegian Dancing - Youtube from Norway. In this dance, the man has to impress the girl, dance-off style!

Danish Folk Dance - Masquerade - Youtube from Junction City Scandinavian Festival (USA) 2008. Fun Dance!

The Stoughton Norwegian Dancers - Youtube from Las Vegas, 2019

Kiiriminna, Suomalainen kansantanssi, Finnish folk dance - Youtube 2016

Danish Folk Dance, Jyllinge, Denmark - Danish folk dance is mainly a social dance involving groups or groups of couples of dancers, often designed for large gatherings. The dances were supposed to be simple enough for everyone to join in. Danish folk dances are made for social and educational purposes, generally speaking not for exhibition purposes. Source. Wiki - Youtube 2019

Slängpolska from Chicago - New Scandinavian folk dance Set dance choreographed by the members of Leikarringen "Heimhug" Norwegian Folk Dancers of Chicago. 17 de Mai program, Park Ridge, Illinois, May 19, 2013

Scandinavian Games and Contests (including Vikings')

Traditional Games in Norway

A bit about two Viking era board games and other historical games

Scandinavian Architecture and Buildings:

Beautiful Norway Village Life and Landscapes - Youtube with of Wagon driver traveling around Folk Museum village

Norwegian Folk Museum (Norsk Folkemuseum) in Oslo, Norway. The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History is an "open air museum" near Oslo. Norsk Folkemuseum is located at Bygdøy in Oslo and has an Open-Air Museum with 160 historic buildings. A main attraction is Gol Stave Church from around 1200. The museum focuses on the time period from 1500 until present time, and in-door exhibits feature Norwegian folk costumes, folk art, church art and Sami culture.

Open Air Museum - The Countryside Images of farm buildings moved from various locations in Norway (original locations noted).

Open Air Museium - Images of City, Town, and Suburb Buildings - buildings moved from town locations.

The Stave Church from Gol in King Oscar II's Collection

Setesdal 1739 - Storehouse Image and Reenacter in Period Folk Costume

Setesdal Farmhouse & Farm Buildings Images Click on lower picture links for more pictures for other buildings on the farmstead.

Stabbur - Youtube about Food Storehouses on old Norwegian farms Youtube explaining what they did, how they were built, and giving several picture examples.

Traditional Wooden Houses in Trysil, Norway - Youtube by a couple who move and renovate 100+ year old Norwegian buildings on their property and share as Bed and Breakfast.

Grass (sod) Roofs in Norway - Youtube of images 2015

More Links Coming Soon!

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