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Hi, Welcome to our Scandinavian genealogy group's website!

Our members share their interest in Scandinavian genealogical research, and help each other as we search for our ancestors. Our group has existed for over a decade, and we have members researching in various Scandinavian countries. We enjoy doing both our own research, and helping others start their research or work though research snags. Plus, as all who do genealogical research have discovered, it's fun to have genealogical friends with whom to share your frustrations or, better yet, to share your own research finds - to help you celebrate!

Our members contribute links they find as they do their research, and we add them to this website to share with others, both members and non-members. We hope you enjoy using the links our members have contributed for each of the Nordic Countries. Our goal is to make our site useful to both members and others researching their Scandinavian heritage.

Be sure to check back frequently for new Links - and we are in the process of making a list of the Nordic countries, counties, and towns where our members are researching their ancestral lines.