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MAPS of Iceland for Genealogical Research
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01. Simple topographical map drawing of Iceland with major towns.

SOURCES and GUIDES for Icelandic Genealogical Research

01. The Emigration from Iceland to North America is an outstanding website with topics such as: Why? Where from? and Where to?, as well as Great Information and Links for doing Icelandic genealogical research or researching Icelandic settlers in the U.S. and Canada - they even have links to some published books listing settlers!

02. The Icelandic Research portal at FamilySearch
This page has good introductory information about Icelandic research. While still under development, they already have an Iceland County List with a listing of Icelandic County Names and the abbreviations commonly used for them. Typical Icelandic given names, the Icelandic alphabet, and an Iceland Word List, including number names, is helpful. An Iceland Parish Listing, showing Parish (Sogn) Names and the County they were in, is a helpful feature. The Census Headings page is not yet operational, but it will be of great benefit, and even now (Feb 2012), it is useful to see what census years might be available to research (not all available/extant for all areas?).

03. A good List of Links for Iceland Research is already included in the above Family Search Wiki section for Iceland.

04. Icelandic Baptisms (partial). In a separate section at Family Search (i.e. NOT linked from the above Icelandic Research portal, for some reason) there is information about Icelandic Baptisms that are included at Family Search. It shows what areas, and how many records have been included for each, so far, in the FamilySearch searchable database. (The rest of the information is so generic as to be unhelpful - see other sites. -pw Webmaster)
Same as above, but for marriages: Icelandic Marriages.

05. The Iceland Genealogy Forum at has an active forum/bulletin board for communicating with others doing Icelandic genealogy.

06. National Archives of Iceland (In Icelandic - translate pages with Google Translates by inputting URL in translation from box.

07. - The Official Gateway to Iceland. Beautiful modern culture, historical tidbits, and news website for Iceland.
(Check out their darling article on Icelandic Christmas traditions, including the 13 Christmas Trolls.)

More Links from our members Coming Soon!

Note that for websites written in Icelandic, you can use Google Translate to translate the text of the page into English (text in images will not be automatically translated - you will need to type in such text manually).
Also, when using Google Translate, note the small typewriter icon - click on this typewriter to select Swedish letters not found in the Icelandic keyboard, to be included in the text you are typing as input for Google translation.